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Delta Adventures give its customers the opportunity to have fun and happiness through our experience in this field for more than 40 years, with us you will have Long lasting pleasure experience.

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We keep our promise to take you to places not reached by others, we are open to the world, having long experience in the desert environment and it’s landforms

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Start an unforgettable adventure to the most beautiful destinations in the Arabian Peninsula with our exceptional offers to enjoy the world largest sand mine.

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We believe that serving our customers is a commitment, so Delta Adventures has a highly qualified desert adventures team. We encourage our customers to feel the core of our culture, customs and our way of life.

The Arabian Peninsula would not be a subject for more geographical and historical researches without the efforts of Abdullah bin Khamis, a geographer, writer, poet and historian.
More than 50 books in literature, poetry, criticism, heritage are the epitome of Khamis’s intellectual and creative work.

Bin Khamis developed a deep interest in the geography of the Arabian Peninsula, The man was frequently roaming around the Arabian Peninsula, he said: There is no place in the Arabian peninsula my feet never touch!
Bin Khamis used to take his sons Eddie and Mohammed with him in his trips, this gave them the opportunity to accumulate experience and knowledge about road trips.
These journeys have created another generation of travelers, a generation that fall in love of the desert and the experience of its nature and landmarks for more than 50 years.
The journeys continued after the death of bin Khamis, His sons never stopped taking groups of children and friends throughout the Arabian Peninsula. Many people heard about these trips and got interested in participating, and hence born the idea of establishing a company to organize trips by Eddie and Mohammad, sons of Abdullah bin Khamis, Delta Adventures for Trips.
Delta is a triangle, which has 3 sides, Abdullah bin Khamis and his sons Mohammed and Eddie.

Delta Organization for Trips …
Delta means triangle, which has 3 sides, Abdullah bin Khamis and his sons Mohammed and Eddie.